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Face to face interview with King & Infernus of GORGOROTH.
Conducted by Fenrir 11.15.03, Bergen, Norway:

InfernusFenrir: I'm here with King and Infernus of Gorgoroth, thank you again, and I guess we'll start out pretty simple - How was the Hole in the Sky festival this past August?

Infernus: Pretty good. I think we did a good show, as opposed to all the other bands being present (chuckles). I did have no fun at all being there except for the 40 minutes we played, that was a great thing, I think - we managed to do a good show, without too many practical mistakes and technical hassle. We checked out some pyrotechnical effects which worked out as well, so that was a good experience.

Fenrir: Very cool. Enjoy it as well?

King: It was nothing special besides the fact that we performed live in our hometown Bergen.

Fenrir: What's going on now with Gorgoroth? New material?

King: We have created much material for the upcoming album, but since we haven`t rehearsed together yet. It`s hard to tell the outcome of the recordings. Nevertheless it sounds promising and I believe it to be a strong record in a Gorgoroth tradition.
Infernus: In general, trying to do some shows, mostly trying to get a deal to tour the US in February, time will tell if we will do it or not, it depends on how acceptable it will be. Also have some legal problems coming up - court dates, etc...so it's a matter of - we're under a time pressure, we have a time pressure so we are planning to do as much touring as possible, under the conditions that it's acceptable. We don't, for instance, find it acceptable going to another country in order to carry our own equipment, to sleep backstage, to sit in a van traveling from place to place. Other bands can feel free to behave as animals, and be treated like that, as much as they want, but we do find it fairly reasonable to demand something more. I don't think it's unreasonable if you under such conditions refuse.

Fenrir: I understand where you are coming from - I see that a lot. It's not - you deserve to be treated well on a tour, so it's understandable. It would be very good if you did make it.

Infernus: It's a major reason why we cancelled quite a lot of shows lately - one Hungarian show we had going in September, we cancelled 3 shows in Italy and we cancelled several shows in Yugoslavia and the Baltic countries just because people have some weird attitude and expectations toward us - that we should regard playing live as a pure act of promotion, that we should actually pay ourselves to leave our daily life situation in order to entertain people in another country. They can just piss off. No pay, no play!

Fenrir: Regarding your recent album, Twilight of the Idols - I personally like it, I know a lot of people who are impressed with it, has the response overall been positive?

Infernus: Basically it's been good.
King: I believe the response from fans, press etc. have overall been quite good. I do not know how much we`ve sold or anything, but that's a secondary issue anyway. The opinion of man seems to change constantly and reflects matters we can not or will not please or satisfy. So in other words I have no problem with people getting something out of the album, but on the other hand if they don`t …..I do not care!

Fenrir: I know your message, if you will...is antichristian? or Satanist...whatever it means to you...free thinking? living your own life? or just...well, what does it mean to you?

Infernus: Quite a broad question you come up with here. I'll try to cut down on the small talk here, right! (he-he) When it comes to spreading some sort of a message, I would say that we first of all, as I see it, function as five more or less grown up boys spreading the word of Satan. And this we do through the media we are best at, being metal music. I think for my concern this would have been an element - or a pillar if I might say it so - I would have brought with me into whatever musical genre I would choose to express myself through, being it in a boyband or through major Broadway musical projects to take it that far. But enough about such speculations! When it comes to the reasons for us wanting to deal with and promote the hard reality of Satanism, we could keep on talking for hours. Analysis of psychological, religious and ethical characters could and should have been given, but again: the short form of what keeps attracting me would be that basically - Satan represents the healthy, inborn will to power which is present in any upgoing, power claiming form of life. He represents the force in nature that without hesitation steps upon anything weak, disgusting and ugly. He represents honesty, strength and vitality. Satan knows no mercy, which is the most beautiful bit. He represents pure honesty and will to power.

Fenrir: And christanity breeds people to follow, and not find their own path...?

Infernus: Quite a broad question you come up with here. I'll try to cut down on the small talk here, right! (he-he) Since this is a rather heavy issue, something we could be talking about for hours, we will have to stick to the short version; yes.

Fenrir: True. ...I see what it does - what christanity does to the US. What are some of the other things that you draw inspiration for Gorgoroth? Musically, lyrically?

Infernus: Difficult to claim some sort of specific source of inspiration. Maybe you should ask King, which, after all, despite the fact that he has not that many years of experience as a metal musician, wrote most of the music on Twilight...
King: I do not have a source of inspiration that I`m consciously aware of. I simply try to capture the lyrical concept of Gorgoroth into a musical context. I do not write any lyrics on the behalf of Gorgoroth, that is Infernus and Gaahl. So I`m trying to capture the essence of the atmosphere in their lyrics musically. If people find my music to be influenced of anything it`s simply because they read their own preferences into it. I have no problems with that, but it`s their perception of the ideas, the music if you will, and not mine.
Infernus: And at some point in time you here imperative voices?
King: Yeah.
Infernus: Which, in its turn, leads us back to the basic aspect, that of perceiving the world through a Satanist's point of view. It's not like it is a single aspect easily isolated and detected inspiring me musically or lyrically, I would rather go that far to say it is an attitude and a feeling I bring into it, and then - next out - it ends up in this being channeled out as this thing I perceive as black metal. The psycho drama involved in the process of writing and performing, how the music comes together, how it comes together with suitable lyrics, then: what is it adding and extra touch of magic to it, not letting it be reduced down into an easy act of pure mathematics ... it seems unexplainable - to me that is unexplainable.

Fenrir: You guys do have a lot of atmosphere - right away, it's something I noticed. The lineup in Gorgoroth has changed quite a few times since the band was formed - do you think this lineup is finally stable? I really think its tight - very good together.

Infernus: Time will tell - now we have a very strong lineup - we have been able to cooperate for a long period of time - I am very well aware of myself, that I am not an easy person to hang around with - but things are working out better than before. It's a strong lineup, but we can't speak for the future what happens. Maybe two of us will be hit by a train in a couple of days - who knows? Maybe me and King will be kidnaped in Columbia... (laughter all around)

King Fenrir: Now, King, you came in during Incipit Satan?

King: Yes, a couple of months before the recordings. The material was already written. I just played the bass more or less...in a creative and unique way I might add…..

Fenrir: Did you know them from before?

King: A year or two we went to Stockholm.

Fenrir: Have you been listening to anything lately?

Infernus: At the moment, I'm listening only to American bands, for the first time since I was 17 I've found great joy in sitting at home playing after listening to records of other bands. I am actually downloading guitar tablatures from the internet. Should be blushing, shouldn't I? I'm listening these days to nearly only American bands: Deicide, Sarcofago, Holocausto, Pentagram... Krisiun and Possessed, pretty much what I'm listening to these days. Just got the Campo de Exterminatio from Holocausto some weeks ago. I hadn't heard it before, and I was astonished.

Fenrir: You're not listening to anything too much, yourself?

King: No, not at the moment! I have no time listening to music...

Fenrir: Of course, Twilight of the Idols, the title of the album, Nietzsche-inspired, do any other...I know his writings and such, any other things you read?

Infernus: At the time being, I'm reading some works by Guido von List and Joerg Lanz Liebenfels, which is related to my degree in religion science on early Austrian ariosophy. Apart from that- I really cannot say that I am reading too much these days, haven't got neither the time nor motivation for it - I still find great pleasure in reading the mature Nietzsche. I got the Norwegian translation from Antichrist recently - which I'm reading at work or whenever else I have time off - that's what I got what it comes to reading these days.

Fenrir: So you are going for a masters in Religion Science?

Infernus: Yes.

Fenrir: Any you?

King: No time to read, either...

Fenrir: I know outside of Gorgoroth, Infernus, you have Orcustus, anything else?

Infernus: No, that's all.

Fenrir: Gorgoroth live - I sadly have yet to experience this - because I know you guys have played Milwaukee a couple years ago, I couldn't get out to that. But what can one expect from the live experience?

Infernus: A Satanic metal band playing live.

Fenrir: A little off topic from the music - do you guys like getting out often to the more natural surroundings and such? Or more city oriented?

Infernus: Depends on the time being. I can enjoy both situations.
King: Same for me. We have lots of nature surrounding us in Bergen. It depends on your mood taking advantage of it or not.
Infernus: It's not that a big thing for us - I think we take it more for granted than a person who's grown up in a bigger city.

Fenrir: Someone like myself, who lives in a big city, all the nature, we have it - but it's a two hour drive to get to it.

Infernus: Here, it's a two minute walk.

Fenrir: Ok! That's it, thank you guys!!


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